My mother is driving me crazy..... absolutely up the proverbial wall. I'm already stressed with my life at the moment and I really do not need her adding to my issues. This is the reason why people MOVE OUT OF THEIR HOMES!!

I'm stressed, preparing for a big interview, still applying for other positions, trying to balance out ever dwindling funds and having the whole "am I where I'm meant to be thoughts", only to now have her chewing my head saying "do something about your weight, I can't stand looking at you".


Well, I will try my best to remedy that situation. I will be out of the house and out of her way for as long as humanly possible. I am in such a narky mood!! I want to break something or scream or do something!!!

I wish everyone would just leave me alone and let me be. Quite frankly I don't care right now if the fact that I'm a size 16/18 causes her sleepless nights. Let me step out of the house and get pregnant, them we will have something to talk about!!!!! Why stop there? How about tattoos all over my body Prison Break style, or a STD or two????

I don't need this right now.
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  1. phoenix Says:

    i say get knocked up! that'll do the trick.