Okay for some research I was looking at my really old posts to see what I wrote about NYSC, and I came across what I wrote about ex-hottie in my first ever post.....
OH LORD, how totally sad am I??? I can't believe I wrote that crap! OK don't get me wrong, I was being honest, but please "the power to make my insides curl and heat reach my toes".........

I should be sent to some kind of blogger detention for crimes against cheesiness LOL!! There is a reason why this blog is anonymous ( and for the three people that know it's me, it's too late to stop being my friend now).

Also he has started calling me 'Sis', can you imagine? Who is your sister? From where? If he calls me that again, I'm going to pull him to one corner and explain some simple biology topics to him, MCHEW!

By the way, did anybody know that the slang phat meant: Pretty Hot And Tempting? I DIDN'T!!! What's worse I have to gather this piece of information from a 2000 Sidney Sheldon novel no less?? Wow! I'm seriously retro LOL.

I can't sleep because of cramps and I'm worried about my sister in law who is sick. So I'm going to stay up and type nonsense till the four hour mark has reached and I can get more pain killers.

I think I'm going on a date on Wednesday. I say think because I might yet give in to good sense and cancel. The man is decent and doesn't have horns and a tail but I'm not tripped. Maybe that's better anyway as when I am tripped nothing good happens (reference past two years). We will see how it goes.

Please pray for my sister in law. Time for pills.
3 Responses
  1. VV Says:

    Have I told you how much I love you!!! Anyway Goodluck !!!Now JUST TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER I am reading your blog entry to keep from flipping over upcoming exam, atleast your blogging is contributing to mylife.Dont Stop!!

  2. phoenix Says:

    yeah!!!!!!! we left the baby pink, i looove the new colours!!!!

  3. CaramelD Says:

    Aha, the truth is coming out! I woke up one day and decided that the colours did not reflect my mood!

    VV, I will blog as long as there is breath in my body and good luck with those pesky exams!