It was Wednesday night and I was seriously engrossed with watching The Apprentice as it had been a particularly bad episode and everyone on the losing team were getting shredded by Sir Alan.

Suddenly around 9.45 pm there was sudden BANG and then shudders and tremblings. My sitting room was jarred with our pictures jangling from side to side. I shouted to my Mum to see if she OK because it felt like something had fallen on my building and she was upstairs. See me sprinting up our stairs (never seen a fat girl run so fast) to find my Mum going "what was that? I was lifted off my bed and back again."

I went unto our balcony and looked out to see everyone in the three blocks that make up my avenue either coming out of their building or looking off their balcony. No one knew what was going on and were milling around trying to figure out where the blast had come from. Then (God bless 999) the sirens came. First the police, then ambulance, then absolute hoards of fire engines. To my dawning comprehension I realised that they were parking not too far from us, across the other side of our main road.

Finally I told my Mum that I'm going down to see what's going on and she said she would join me. When we got down to our main road, they had cordoned off everywhere and sent the traffic back up the road and the buses had to discharge the poor people they had on board to continue on foot. That's when we found out that there had been a gas explosion across the road and no one knew any of the details.

I had to wait till 11pm for the news channels to carry the news and give us details. So between 11pm and 12am I found out that two houses had been totalled, three people had been pulled out alive and that it was a gas explosion. Later unfortunately one man died and yesterday they said that IT WAS NO LONGER BELIEVED TO BE AN ACCIDENT !!!

So now we are waiting to hear what they are going to find out. Yesterday I walked past the bomb site and saw the surrounding damages to nearby offices as well. I kept thinking that that could have been me, he was my age and living down the road and now POOF!, his life is over. Now though, it is no longer a simple gas explosion so what's going on?

Well we shall pray for the dead man and his family, the injured people and the poor street residents who are not allowed back in their homes for now.
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