Yes I watched the match and yes quite frankly it was gripping. Chelsea and Manchester United where not giving an inch and it was nail biting to the end but if you want a blow by blow analysis of the Champions League final, go to another blog! Happily though my household is Man Utd all the way! LOL

I'm a bit narky because it's my cousin's wedding on Saturday so I went to bring out a traditional outfit I was going to wear and IT WAS TOO TIGHT!


That night is also my friend's African themed gala (hence looking for trad) but I'm not going down that road thank you very much. Exit lace, enter normal dress! I last wore the blasted outfit for my graduation in November 2006 and look what I have done to my hips in under two years. It is those damn hips, dynamite wouldn't blast them. If what they say about child bearing hips are true then my baby will be out in about 4seconds :)
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  1. phoenix Says:

    glory glory MAN UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ur hips aint