Yesterday (before wardrobe debacle) I decided to celebrate my last days of unemployment and go to the pictures to see Iron Man. It wasn't overly fantastic but it was alright for a few laughs and some explosions (which always make me feel better).

What held it together though, was Robert Downey Jr's charm. Yes he has issues, is a bad boy, has seen more rehabs than I have had weaves but, he does have an effect on me and I loved him in his stint in Ally McBeal back in the day!

It got me thinking though about white men that we seriously think about it!

This is not validation for some of my family and friends who think I'm going to marry a white man and give my dad a heart attack! Even though you know they would be better at washing up and helping with kids than our Naija brothers and wouldn't demand pounded yam at 11pm at night, but instead be ecstatic with fried plantain every Saturday morning..... This is movie stars only LOL.

So apart from Robert Downey Junior, Eric Dane floats my boat too yummy!!! Grey's Anatomy brought him back to the people and the people are happy! I don't get the whole George Clooney think though. I mean he is alright but not sure about the worldwide hysteria.

I didn't get the Brad Pitt thing for ages, then I watched Legends of the Fall! I think he does intensity the whole looking into your eyes thing with smouldering eyes really well. That's why even though Meet Joe Black was nearly three hours long, the women loved it!
Always and forever though for me is Mr. Johnny Depp. He is the epitome of cool and doesn't do the whole Hollywood nuttiness, I love it! He is also the king of kooky, the weirder the better and he brings his characters to life so well that you forget that you are watching an actor and get sucked in to the whole thing.
When he played Roux in Chocolat, the screen nearly melted off the TV. I'm not lying you have to watch the film and read the book too, to see how well he was casted. Aaaah perfection.
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