I have an interview on Thursday. It is the first one I have been called to in all the stupid application forms I have been filling. As part of the interview I have been told to come up with a 10 minute presentation about how to promote a new diploma that the college is running. Now see, it's like I have writer's block. I have been thinking and thinking and all I have been coming up with has been lack lustre. It has no kick, no pep.........

Another scary thing is that I will be given a 30 minute task, but I don't know what it will entail so that is giving me nightmares too. Talking about nightmares, when I go to sleep I have such bizarre dreams that I wake up totally exhausted!!! I am going KOLO!! And it's like I feel I have no one to talk to because it all sounds slightly stupid.

Hence me blogging twice in one day (sad cow that I am). I always there to give advice and help when asked but when it comes to my turn I just feel like everyone has there own drama, why add my own to it.

I'm going to go back to the college website to see if i can get inspired by what they do. I have a headache.
2 Responses
  1. Freaksho Says:

    thats the are,actually, a lot smarter than you think you just never get motivated enough to tap into that.
    so breathe,read,then let your mind roll.
    remember interviews are more about perception than reality.
    knock em dead without remorse.

  2. CaramelD Says:

    OK I'm in the zone and i have the Rocky sound track playing in my head.